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The ultimate guide for a good content and successful Digital Marketing!

So, what is the latest thing you have planned for your content? There must be many! However, are you aware of the fact that writing the perfect content calls for something more important than just mere following the Webmaster guidelines of SEO?

Confused what else is there?

Just remember one thing; while you write a post, it is extremely important to write in a manner that is going to change the readers into potential customers as well as followers.

What are those key points of successful digital marketing?

Take a look below at the list!

Meta description

Before opening a link in Google, have you noticed a small section where there is a description written? That is the Meta description! Make sure to write a proper Meta description and add a keyword; this will help in higher ranking.

The starting approach

Introduction of a content, matters a lot. This is why, there is no point beating around the bush; rather, straight go to the purpose of writing the content. Make sure the promises you make in the introduction are fulfilled in the rest of the content.

Tone of writing

Like there is a tone for speaking, equally one must maintain a proper tone for writing. For example: when you are writing an article, the tone should be informative and mostly in 3rd person. For blogs, it should be informal and communicative, mostly in 2nd person. Similarly, for other contents like News and Press Releases, it should be strictly formal.

Word density

Using too many words decreases the chance of higher ranking. This is why, make sure the usage of article and preposition is below 5% – 6% and nouns should be below 3%.

Back linking

After writing content, it is important to make sure, at the end, the page redirects to the main website. It enables the visitors to know about the products as well as services in details.

Call to action tone

What is this? If you know about the call to action tone then you know the right way to end your article. The concluding sentences are very important to make sure that the readers get convinced and are converted to consumers.

Always remember, as important it is to make the start interesting, it is equally essential to end it appropriately!

If you have learnt something new and or have more to say, please share your thoughts with us.


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