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Upcoming super bowl 2018 reveals the importance of Digital Marketing

New trends in digital marketing have arisen as the date for Super Bowl 2018 nears by. Top American brands are betting equally on the internet for commercials as they are for television spots.

Industries are looking to make long tail buys for most of their ads targeting viewership, long after Super Bowl is over. Many brands are also releasing trailers and teasers for their prime commercials that will be aired while the great sports event goes live.

Most of this new interest in internet viewership is a result of two connected phenomena. Firstly, sports viewing is no longer related to just the TV and to get viewers on the internet hooked, one needs a solid internet media campaign.

The second reason for this sudden interest of big brands such as Bud Light and Mountain Dew is commercial ranking websites. These websites rank Super Bowl commercials based on their idea of what’s good and what’s not, and brands are going crazy to gain a spot on these lists.

This has not only led to price inflation of Super Bowl commercial spots but also created the need for an almost cinematic release of each advertisement. The only way to do it? Going big on digital marketing.

However, smaller brands have no need to worry about big bank balances and what they can help one achieve. With social media, viewers will always be online during the games, sending texts, updating statuses, and issuing check-ins.

Smaller brands can use this as their medium and flush the news feed of viewers with content relevant to Super Bowl. Some might also introduce products, and/or characters that will associate themselves with the brand for at least a year to come.

With the advent of digital marketing and free media like Facebook and YouTube, a more or less level playing field has finally arrived. Smaller brands that do not have enough money to buy TV commercial spots during one of the biggest sporting events in the world can now have a fair chance.


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