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Urban Aspirers – A Tata Housing PR Campaign

Agency:              Rediffusion/Edelman

Client:                  Tata Housing Limited

Summary: Tata Housing, Indian’s fastest growing real estate company with a social conscience derived a campaign based on an observation made by the group.  Urban Aspirers are characterized by their urbaneness, higher income levels (annual USD 7400-18500), a higher spending power and willingness to spend compared to their rural counterparts.  For example, they tend to have higher ownership of basic durable goods and exhibit greater optimism about the future than their rural counterparts.

  • Contributed to position Tata Housing as though leader
  • Attracted unique responses and feedback from buyers
  • Captured across vernacular and English media
  • Garnered national media impressions

Situation Analysis

Edelman and Tata Housing Limited have partnered for nearly two years to redefine way developers approach building homes for citizens In October 2013, Rediffusion/Edelman reviewed consumer reports in cities with dense populations and their living patterns.

The advocacy campaign needed to align all stakeholders to pursue its fight towards affordable and value homes. Several audiences who needed to be part of this transformation included: homes buyers, investors, governing bodies, smaller NGOs working towards the same cause.

The research directed toward a wide audience base who could generate dialogue on the housing shortage, and in turn create a ripple effect.


Through secondary research, Rediffusion/Edelman identified changes in consumer mindsets and what citizens are looking for while choosing a home. Urban Aspirers most aspire to own an affordable residential unit. While affordability is relative to a household’s income, spending and saving behaviour, there is consensus that a residential unit within urban limits across metros will cost Rs 25 lakh or more. 


Enlighten audiences on the dearth of homes in India and need for value and affordable homes, through a campaign called Urban Aspirers

Encourage conversations with influencers, government officials, thought-leaders and research agencies that evoke a sense of responsibility amongst developers

Unveil a new value and affordable segment built after considering appropriate social infrastructure, estate managing, shopping, services and holistic well-being centres and offer all facilities such as accessible open spaces, recreational facilities, a nursing home, school and a community hall amongst others.

Begin a movement towards value and affordable homes for all 

Audience Analysis

Homes buyers


All story and efforts were locked in with the campaign messaging of – Urban Aspirers. We utilized various platforms to demonstrate, engage and showcase how Tata Housing understand buyers needs and demands before designing homes.

We used secondary research syndicated from various think tanks and research bodies.

Tata Housing is one of the few players in the real estate industry who straddles across all consumer segments; low-cost homes to premium luxury property.

Research revealed that media was not open to press notes based material for large format stories on affordable homes, unless it reveals fiscal figures.

The landscape constituted of uninformed consumers, competitive players hard selling their products and unwilling attitudes in the media to delve deeper into facts of the housing shortage in India.

Mapping the Urban Aspirers phenomena through white papers, pitch notes, though-leaderships articles, roundtables and social media helped create mass awareness about Tata Housing’s affordable & value housing brands


The team conceptualized the brand and Campaign identity – ‘Urban Aspirers,’ with the tagline – roti kapda aur makaan. While Urban Aspirers is a social phenomenon coined by The Boston Consulting Group, roti kapda aur makaan reinforces the desire for every Indian family to own a home.

Successfully delivered multiple engagements around an agreed theme – Urban Aspirers

Enhanced media engagement in terms of quality and depth

Ensured that PR campaign was measured on a quarterly basis

In-depth qualitative research sparked the planning of this campaign and we chose to stick to a campaign which would appeal to all Indians.

•       Created story ideas based on various industry trends about Urban Aspirers backed by insights from various reports and pitched to media thereby getting exclusive stories

•       Associated Tata Housing with key demographic, economic and lifestyles trends around which the company executives commented thus resulting into quantum of coverage (larger Share of Voice for the company)

•       Created authored articles in line with our Urban Aspirers campaign and pitched in top-line media

•       Facilitated local markets with content to adapt and localise and engage with media 

Evaluation of Success

Through relentless and strategic pursuit, Team Rediffusion/Edelman and Tata Housing Limited were successful in:

  • Increased brand  awareness and shifted perception from Tata Housing as a luxury and premium homes developer into a company with projects across consumer segments
  • Turned consumers into stakeholders to drive conversation, consideration and purchase
  • Attracted new buyers and drove traffic
  • Securing representation and support of a cross section of stakeholder groups at the launch
  • Securing media impressions across print, newswires and online media, including in publications such as The Times of India, Business Standard, The Hindu amongst others


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