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VLCC Social Mandate Shows Able Minded Marketing Communications

Recently, Media Moment Insights has snared the creative and social media mandate for VLCC group. As per the rules of the directive, the main criteria of focus is promoting and building VLCC’s presence over social media. The account was won following a multi-agency pitch which emphases on communicating the brand’s distinctive character.

Remarking upon this win, the managing director of Media Moments Insight Sandeep Sreekumar quotes in a company statement,

In VLCC we found a partner that not only values our rich heritage in digital marketing communications but also shares our expertise in crossing all boundaries to deliver an original and unique content. We are excited to work closely with the VLCC team for generating engaging content in near future.”

Following this statement, the head of digital media at VLCC group Jagriti Goyal comments,

“Now we can end our search for an affirmative online creative partner. We are elated to work alongside Media Moments as they have a great understanding on social media management.

She further added –

Moreover, they understand our ideologies so no one can be a better partner to us now. Hence, prepare yourselves, for now you’re about to witness excellent digital marketing skills.”

The entire team had raised the expectations of their audience by providing subtle hints on what they are bringing to the table. By targeting and giving out snippets of information, VLCC has shown able minded marketing communications tactics.

In this predominating era of online marketing, it is of high importance to enrapture once target audience within a brief time frame. However, both the companies accomplished this by implementing smart social media management.

VLCC as per reports has jointly planned upon a set of business directives to strategize with Media Moments showcasing their ideology as a part of digital marketing communications. This in turn strengthens the portfolio of Media Moments aiding to their growth.


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