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What does it take to be a Disruptive PR Practitioner?

disruptive-innovationIs your answer Super Intelligence? But I have seen in my entire career that people who I have come across as very intelligent have not achieved much in their lives. Probably they spend a lot of time convincing people about their intelligence rather than implementing their knowledge in something productive. So don’t you think intelligence is overrated?

Is it media relations? I have known people who have got excellent media relations but can’t think of a story that can be efficiently sold to a journalist who is not known to them. And how many times does a known journalist will oblige and keep doing favors after favor just because you are a great friend. Again I have seen such people always doing media relations at an operational level for their entire lives. Is it worth?

Is it the art of writing? I don’t subscribe even to this, because I have seen great writers often disconnected with the reality and they tend to believe so much in themselves that they start looking down upon others. They invest so much time in their creation that it never gets completed and delivery slows down, which is least expected in our hyper active world.

I have just listed three most common traits that we think that if we had it in us would have made us a great professional and our bosses as well clients would have simply fallen in love with us. I am sure there are many such traits like technology know-how, right resources etc. etc. But what people don’t realize it that what they are missing is not all the above but the right frame of mind—the right attitude.

So let me give you a very known and beaten to death example of Dirubhai Ambani an industrialist and the most successful businessman of our era, who had made it to the top from scratch. So what made him such a rousing success? He certainly wasn’t educated from Harvard, but the Ambani Senior, did have three things going for him, something Steve Jobs and other visionaries also had in them.

Being Disagreeable:

These visionaries never worked for others, they worked for themselves. They believed in themselves and their idea of success, they never required the approval of their peers in order to do what they think is correct. They strived and chased their dream inspite of opposition from the world around. I am not saying you need to be as head strong like them but don’t work only to please others, don’t get entangled in lip-service. When you work, think of building your portfolio with each piece of work that you do. Work in such a manner that when you leave the organization, people should remember the way you worked and should quote your example years after you have left.

They reframe the problems:

Successful disrupters are people who are capable of an active imagination. They begin reimagining their world by reframing the problem in a way no one had framed it before. Some wise person had told me that there is no one correct answer for a problem, so if there is a problem then there is must be more than one right answer and choose the one that suits you the best. If your client is an SME, that too in a B2B space and media often shuns your request away then think of ways and means of how you can feature them doing unconventional things. We often do things as we have been doing it for all other clients such as make a pitch note – mass emailing to 20 journalists, call them, get abused and then crib – “no one is taking my story”. If we do little research on the current media scene, what’s working today, are they any specific columns or sections on specific days where we can pitch a particular strength of the client. If English is not working then can we translate in 10 different languages that we are blessed with and pitch to the language journalist, can we look at what macro trends are impacting the overall business and how the client can provide his viewpoints etc., then I am sure you can successfully make an headway.

I am just trying to say that there are possibilities if we try to reframe the problems and look at unconventional opportunities that we otherwise ignore. This is possible only if you are ceased with the problem. But if you are on and off then, leave it, it’s not your cup of tea. Don’t waste yours as well your clients’ or your agency’s time and money. Do something routine where may need not stress your mind.

Constraints Don’t bother them

Steve Jobs believed in his vision and what set him apart was not what was in his head or his pocket–“it was in his heart. Get ceased with the problem or a situation, mediate upon it. Meditation is not sitting in one corner and observing your breath. Meditation is also being ceased with something, and constantly thinking about it, over and over until you get that thought you were waiting for. Disrupters observe minutely each and every aspect of the problem and think of resolving it and are ready to do whatever it may take. Challenges, constraints, road blocks move out of their way and solutions embrace them. They don’t crib and throw tantrums when something doesn’t work as they had planned. They strive to overcome each and every obstacle that comes their way.

The point I am trying to make is when an individual blessed with everything makes it to the top, it’s really no big deal. The admiration comes for an underdog, who makes it to the top without great intelligence, knowledge, technology, money, resources etc., because everything else is overrated, only thing what is real is the right attitude.

If you have a right attitude then nothing can stop you from being what you want to be. If you don’t have it then get it today. The time you require to wear a great attitude is the moment you decide that you will.

Inspired from the reading of Malcolm Galdwell. Happy Reading, Will be happy to know your thoughts.


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