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Refusing to share media contact with clients

Dear All,

I have come across instances, when the agency refuses to share media contacts with the client. I believe this is absurd as being at the agency side for quite long time, I never thought that my strengths are only the media contacts that the agency has (getting media contacts probably is not that difficult, if one wants to compile). I always believed as an agency our strengths are the concepts and ideas that we collectively come up with to help the client right mileage in the media.

Refusing to sharing media contacts with the clients while on a contract I believe is unethical. This practice is not prevalent even in developed countries, where PR is practiced from decades.

I believe this is too childish, would be interested in knowing your views and how do you deal with this, if you are on the corporate side and incase you are on the agency side then how to do you react to such requests.

Your inputs will be highly appreciated.



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