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Why should I support Anna Hazare???

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I don’t know Anna Hazare personally, nor I am a Gandhian, I have seen and heard about many such social activists who under the guise of patriotism and nationalism fill their own coffers. There are thousands in India, who have not only made their living but have become millionaires by simply mastering the business of PILs and RTIs. Corruption has been and will probably be accepted as part of our culture, I would further go on to say that now its flowing in our blood. The difference would be only in the level of mastery you have achieved in this art. No Indian today can claim to be pious all his life. So now what makes me support Anna Hazare to end this intrinsic aspect of all our lives?

How much do we know about Anna Hazare, that we all are jumping on this bandwagon, who has verified his sanctity? And by supporting Anna Hazare will corruption actually come to an end?

Such and many more similar questions must be obviously striking our minds as we are increasingly hearing about Anna and his Satyagraha. We, the most intelligent of the lot, (including me) who have so much to do in a day’s time, aren’t really bothered about such events, which keeps happening in India every now and then. So many scams happened, lakhs and crores were easily dwindled by politicians and business men, but what impacted us? Nothing!!! Did our pay packets become less? Did our promotion stop? No.. we are progressing in our career and are happy with our lives, the way it is. But yes, it’s not that we behave completely ignorant about such national events, we do talk about it – in our offices, in local trains, at coffee & lunch breaks and pass our expert comments. Some of us say… I think people should support such causes. Some say… this is bullshit, he is attempting suicide and it’s a crime, supporting such causes is like doing crime ourselves, forget it nothing is going to change…. and so on..

And this too, will pass on soon, IPL is on, Anna might die, Gadafi may go in excile and many other things will happen and we would conveniently forget and move on with our lives. We don’t remember scams of crores of rupees, we don’t remember women being brutally raped on streets, we don’t remember tsunami, we don’t care about Kashmir, neither do we remember any of the blasts or even Kasab. What we know is to move on in life… we have the spirit to put things behind us and simply carry on with life.

But the real fact of the matter is, we are cowards. Fighting with our daily stress and survival we have become impotent. We have actually stopped living and have become carcasses. We are selfish and will only react if anything strikes our loved ones or our own family or may even then not, as we have lost our strength to react.

Whoever Anna Hazare is, he may be himself corrupt or not, it actually does not matter because the problem is unadulterated and real. We are on the verge of becoming the most corrupt nation of the world. Corruption will lead us to destruction soon. The cause that this man is standing for is real and we need to be together, united and in large number to fight this monster. We need to stand and say – That’s it. We need to change ourselves from within and try not to feed corruption. This can be a start of a revolution and we cannot ignore it.

Today, the freedom which means nothing to us, was snatched from Firangs after fighting for it for several years, at several levels, by hundreds and thousands of people, after many unsuccessful attempts and failures, after loosing thousands of lives, money and our original identity. But today we are free, to live, to study, to prosper, to do business, to care for our families the way we want and even to be an expert to comment on national issues. We can do that today, because somebody did such suicidal attempts and succeeded many a times, either by way of Satyagraha or by openly fighting by tooth and nail with foreign invaders.

Now wake up, keep all your smartness aside and join the movement, come out on street and do something to fight this menace. You may never kill it but atleast do your bit to suppress it.


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