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Work-Life Balance in Covid19 – IPRF Study

Communications professionals feel overworked, while working from home amidst the lockdown

Report by Vikram Kharvi

While #WorkfromHome was something employees pushed for and employers resisted, #Covid19 lockdown forced companies to adopt this concept willingly or unwillingly. Employees across the industry including public relations practitioners, got a real taste of what the concept means to them and how they can manage work as well as their personal lives simultaneously.

The lockdown has altered the ways organizations work. Organized sector was quick to adapt to the change and moved to work from home with whatever tech support that was available. Work from home, though quite common amongst techies and multi-national companies, it was however had not gained grounds amongst Indian companies or even many employees. Working from home has it perks such as savings on travel costs as well time, being able to eat home-cooked food and flexibility, it had many challenges as well.

Public relations companies to a large extent thought it was imperative for their employees to work from office for better coordination and efficiency, barring a day or two of work from home, in a month as complimentary value-ads.

Lockdown, has actually forced companies to evaluate the positives and negatives of the concept and even employees are figuring out if this is what they wanted forever. Indian PR Forum (IPRF) thought of exploring what was going on in the minds of public relations professionals across India, while they are working from home. How are they managing their work-life balance, or what is their current happiness quotient when it comes to work.

We did an extensive study on work-life balance in times of Covid19 amongst public relations professionals working in-house or in a consultancy. Following are the findings from our study, please share your views, feedback and recommend us if we can do any other similar studies in future.

Public Relations practitioners are logging in more hours of work each day

29.9% work for more than 10 hours and 33.3% work for 8-10 hours a day; indicating that over 63% of communications professionals work for more than 8 hours a day, since the lockdown. Many have quoted in multiple interactions over the period of time that public relations professionals feel over-worked while working from home.

  • In comparison between consultancy professionals and corporate communicators, 65% of consultancy professionals log in 8+ hours as compared to corporate communicators (58.51%)
  • More women professionals, logged in 8+ hours (67.7%) as compared to their male counterparts (58.3%)
  • Bengaluru (77%) tops the rank when it comes to professionals logging in more than 8+ hours, followed by Mumbai (69%) and Delhi (64%)
  • Senior management professionals log in more work (33%), followed by middle management (39%) than junior professionals
  • The same is true in the age group as well. Professionals in the age group of 35-45 are putting in more hours of work (32%) than others age groups.

Do professionals feel more efficient while working from home?

Whether practitioners feel they are more efficient at home is still a question mark, as 38% of say they are neutral to the feeling, 33.6% do agree that they are more efficient at home. Having said that sizeable proportion (28.5%) do not feel that they are any efficient at home

Does work impacts their personal lives?

Over 50% of practitioners feel that work is impacting their personal lives as it intrudes into their family time. 25% didn’t think work intrudes their personal life, while 23% professionals were neutral to the feeling.

Biggest anxieties or worries on your head at the moment

Health of self and their families (34%) are the biggest anxieties professionals are facing today, followed by fear of job losses and salary cuts. While we have not heard too many news on job losses in the industry at both the sides, but there were reports of salary cuts coming from across the quarters

How are seniors supporting employees in current situation?

Do employees get all the required guidance from their seniors?

55% of employees are happy with their seniors’ support, while 53.5% feel that they get all the required guidance from their seniors. However 17-25% of practitioners are unhappy with the support and guidance they get from their seniors in such times

Have you experienced any of the below?

29% of practitioners feel tired or over worked by the end of the day; while 26% of practitioners feel anxious, when they are not working; while 22% of practitioners find it difficult to disengage from work after the day’s work is over.


  • Survey was conducted amongst 295 practitioners
  • 30% were corporate communicators, while 70% were from consultancy side.
  • 54% were women practitioners, while 43% were male practitioners.
  • 39.5% were senior management practitioners, followed by 36.5% middle management, 12.5% lower middle management and 11% entry level
  • 32% represented the age group 35-45 years, followed by 26% of practitioners in the age group of 30-35%, 18.4% in the age group of 25-30 years, 13% – 45+ and only 11.5% were in the age group of 20-25 years


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