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WPRF gears up for 10th conference on PR and communication management

The World Public Relations Forum is all set to welcome leading global communities for its 10th session on PR and Communication Management conference. It is the most diverse public relations platform where redefining the future of corporate communications takes place.

Online registration for abstracts and proposals has already started and is stated to end by 21st April 2018. The WPRF welcomes this year’s conference at Oslo, Norway where multitude of globally recognised organizations will gather to discuss how corporate communications or communication in general has been impacted in this ever-evolving digitalized era.

“WPRF 2018 will aim to inspire each and every participating communicator to address modern opportunities and challenges we face in the PR world,” said the head organizer of the forum. 

The welcome message of WPRF read, “we will try to explore the changes happening from 3 perspectives; truth, intelligence and profit”.

WPRF’s main backup comes from the Norwegian Communication Association (NCA) which is a one-of-a-kind association for every communicating professional in Norway comprising about 4000 members. The members come from both public and private working sectors.

The NCA is thrilled and honoured to get this chance of welcoming the Global Alliance community in Norway this year,” said an NCA member. 

The alliance for Public Relations and communication management poses as a confederation of world renowned public relations and communication organizations. It represents 160,000 practicing individuals and academics. The mission of this alliance unifies the public relations profession and raises professionalism all over the world.

Keynote speech speakers include Anna Rosling Ronnlund, co-founder and board member of Gapminder Foundation; Morten Traavik, who has worked on subjects like 6 international TV and documentaries and is currently working on his book, “The Traitor’s Guide to North Korea”. He will speak on activism, creativity and world politics.

Other speakers involve, Guy Britt, Amanda Coleman, Amith Prabhu, Tim Sutton, Jonathan Bean, Stephen Waddington and other notable personalities. The conference includes social events; a reception party at Oslo City Hall, a welcome event at the Oslo camping area and a networking dinner event at the Opera.

The spring season at Oslo will welcome every visitor with a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere to enjoy. A mixture of world-class art and culture along with picaresque scenery awaits the conglomerates for the season. Moreover, the WPRF will assemble approximately 800 senior leveled public relations professionals and academics with the touch of Scandinavia!

They have already created a YouTube video regarding registration process. The video shows a visual procedural clip encouraging speakers from all over the world for participation.

Notable political commentator, Eric Bergesen and program careerist at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), Guri Solberg will host the program. The entire World Public Relations Forum session 2018 will work towards a global conglomeration of essential PR values and communication integrities.



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